Research Seminar: Fragments of a Forgotten Archive

An English department research seminar will be held this coming Wednesday April 17th at 4pm in KH216.

Professor Diane Watt, Surrey University, ‘Fragments of a Forgotten Archive: Migratory Feelings in Early Anglo-Saxon Women’s Letters’.


‘In this paper I read the poetry and letters of early Anglo-Saxon women found in the collection that has come to be known as the Boniface correspondence alongside the more famous Old English elegies. Taken together these poems and letters comprise what I call, drawing on Ann Cvetkovich’s title An Archive of Feelings (Duke University Press, 2003), an archive of migratory feelings. While the Anglo-Saxon elegies are familiar to readers beyond the confines of academic scholarship through modern translations and lyrical re-writing, the women’s letters, which represent the earliest surviving writing unquestionably attributable to named Anglo-Saxon women, are less widely known, even to those studying women’s writing, and in that sense they represent a forgotten archive. This article examines the epistolary explorations of emotions and memories of these early Anglo-Saxon nuns, including, but not only, women missionaries who migrated to Europe in order to convert others to their beliefs; emotions that are particular to their own time, but that nevertheless still resonate today.’


IMEMS seminar, April 16th 2013

Two of Swansea University’s medievalists will be presenting on their research at the next IMEMS video-linked seminar this April:

Liz Cox: “Cyning sceal mid ceape cwene gebicgan, bunum ond beagum [A king has to procure a queen with a payment, with goblets and with rings]”: The Commodification of Women in Old English Poetry.
Kathryn Loveridge: A Wicked Merchant and a Monstrous Christ: a Girardian Reading of a sermon from John Mirk’s Festial.
5.15pm on Tuesday 16 April 2013, James Callaghan Building video conference suite (room 222.)
All are welcome!

‘Affective Piety’– upcoming IMEMS Research Seminar

More information on the upcoming IMEMS video-linked research Seminar, via Alison Williams:

The next video-linked research seminar with IMEMS will take place on Tuesday 26 February, 5.00 for 5.1.5 start in the James Callaghan video-conferencing suite. It is being hosted by Aberystwyth and the speaker is:

Nicholas Watson (Harvard University) who will be delivering a paper on ‘Affective Piety’

Nicholas Watson is Professor of English at Harvard University. A former fellow of the Radcliffe Institute for Advanced Studies, he is an expert on expressions of piety in late medieval England, and is completing a study of vernacular religious texts written between the mid eleventh century and the fifteenth. Further details can be found at

Hope to see many of you there!